Being confident of this very thing, that
He who has begun a good work in you will
complete it until the day of Jesus christ.-Philippians 1:6.
Learn the skill set to multiply your money
Trade currency pairs, Metals,
Indices and crypto with various analysis.
Take Your Trading Anywhere, Accessible from any device:
Mobile, Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
To Become a successful Trader through ELT Academy
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What we offer

  • Invaluable insight and mentorship calls
  • Access our trading channel and community support through our social media platforms
  • Member chat and trade suggestions
  • Trade ideas/ setups and market reviews
  • Live sessions and ongoing support

Our Exclusive Courses


Learn the Basic concepts of trading and how to master the skills as a profitable trader.


Trading Analysis

Trading Analysis is predicting the future price movements and traders can identify the  previous chart patterns.


Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis shows the economy factors includes Interest rates, Gdp  growth of the country which impact the Market currency.


Trading tools

Establish the different trading system and price Action and bring you to another level  in trading.


Risk Management

Focusing on proper Risk Management to maintain the consistency and discipline in  their trading style.


Trading psychology

Bringing awareness how our emotions , feeling impact our trading style  and bring our mindset to be focussed as a professional trader. 



You will learn everything from scratch, so even if you are a complete beginner, this Mentorship program is perfect for you.


We take you through a step by step training program


We show you exactly what we do, and how you can do the same thing. You get the skills, the coaching and the support that you need to succeed in this industry.

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

Why Choose Us?


We empower, educate people to become self-reliant, and lead life in wealth and prosperity.


EMPOWERMENT- We provide a solid foundation to stand strong to receive abundant life.

FREEDOM- Bringing Financial freedom that empowers you to grow and lead a high-quality life and changes in your lifestyle.

SUCCEED- To help you to realize and achieve your goal targets and bring enrichment in your life.